Source Europapress: Cordoba Spain November the 6th 2017 (Spanish)

A Spanish company called Phytoplant Research S.L. has received the oficial licence from the agricultural international  authority : GLOBALG.A.P in order to produce full spectrum Cannabis on the Spanish ground.


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“We’ve been working for  years alread in order to produce Medical grade Cannabis strains that were compatible with the weather conditions in the south of Spain. We will be using the sun light here. Receiving the GLOBALG.A.P licence is a validation of our industrial process but also the recognition of our strains registered by the EU Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO).” Says PHD Salvatore Casano is in charge of the hybrid culture and the plantation of Phytoplant Research S.L.. 

The process approved for Phytoplan Research S.L. include clutivation, drying and packaging of dry raw plant material as well as the transformation and processing to create CBD, CBG and CBGA compound from extraction.

The strain officially cultivated by this operator in Spain will be nammed: Sara, Pilar, Theresa, Juani, Aida, and Octavia.

Contacts and information: Stefan Martin Meyer  0034 957 10 16 29