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We create, distribute & support best in class cannabis vaping hardware and complimentary ancillary products

Blinc is the only full service company with expertise in all aspects of cannabis consumption hardware. Our clients have peace of mind when Blinc deals with their most vital current and future hardware needs. Blinc works with companies to not only develop their ideas, but to effectively generate revenue from the finished products. We are the only company with expertise along the whole concept to production to distribution cycle.

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Here’s What Blinc Delivers

The BLINC team methodically uncovers practical innovations that bring emerging vape and cannabis technology to market. 

Business Modeling & Strategy

Business Modeling & Strategy

We provide the infrastructure and expertise for your product to reach its economic potential and achieve a leadership position.


Development & Market Testing

Development & Market Testing

Our technology team quickly builds and tests the most inspiring product designs through a series of iterative prototypes.


Scaling Channel Development

Scaling Channel Development

We help companies make lasting improvements to their distribution and interactions with customers across all channels to drive sales growth.


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We’re invested in research, advocacy and industry trends. Blinc publications division works hard to inform our audiences on the latest and most relevant topics in vaping and cannabis.

What is the biggest threat to the cannabis industry? The industry itself!

Responsibility is on our industry to make sure it doesn’t get over-regulated of even shutdown. Numerous aspects of the business come into play when it comes to « self-regulation », like advertising (target audience, unsubstantiated claims, packaging), product safety (pesticides, solvents, hardware), and Corporate Social Responsibility (recycling, disposal of toxic waste, gender and racial disparities). Let’s speak a little bit more about product safety and focus on vaping hardware, we’ll approach some of the other subjects in future articles.

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China allows the cultivation of Therapeutic Cannabis

Our sources in China have revealed that the Chinese government has just allowed three daughter companies of the pharmaceutical group Zhejiang Kangenbei from the Yunnan province to cultivate Cannabis for therapeutic use. They will be producing CBD from low THC plant varieties. This is an exclusive story from our partner in Europe, France Le Cannabiste.

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Dream Canna-Diner: *Cultured* Create & destroy

The French-Californian Cannabis producer Botafarm Genetics is now the co-organiser of superb Cannabis Diners called “Cultured : Create and Destroy”. In the straight line of the Famous show Bong Appetit on Vice Tv Channel, the producers among who famous chief Nate Santana have just produces a Canna-Diner such as the world has rarely seen. Bottom of the page, the incredible dessert receives our ‘EPIC’ vote. We are welcoming J from BOtafarm for The Blinc Group.

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