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Blinc is the only full service company with expertise in all aspects of cannabis consumption hardware. Our clients have peace of mind when Blinc deals with their most vital current and future hardware needs.

Blinc works with companies to not only develop their ideas, but to effectively generate revenue from the finished products. We are the only company with expertise along the whole concept to production to distribution cycle.

The Blinc Group is a first of its kind adoption and distribution-centric incubator led by a connected group of top vapor and cannabis industry experts. We create a fostering environment for the launch and expansion of vapor and cannabis products.

Our mission is to build quality brands and products that innovate the face of retailers, dispensaries, head shops, and vape shops across the globe. We are invested in informing and improving public health through driving innovation and fostering rewarding consumer experiences.

We deliver full cycle support to start-ups and entrepreneurs through tailored branding, marketing, sales and engagement programs rooted in data and proprietary research. We leverage our collective expertise and network to position member companies as thought leaders in their respective industry segment and develop a foundation for scaling through the largest distribution channels in the American, European, and Asian markets.

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What We do

Here’s What Blinc Delivers

The BLINC team methodically uncovers practical innovations that bring emerging vape and cannabis technology to market. 

Business Modeling & Strategy

Business Modeling & Strategy

We provide the infrastructure and expertise for your product to reach its economic potential and achieve a leadership position.


Development & Market Testing

Development & Market Testing

Our technology team quickly builds and tests the most inspiring product designs through a series of iterative prototypes.


Scaling Channel Development

Scaling Channel Development

We help companies make lasting improvements to their distribution and interactions with customers across all channels to drive sales growth.


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Latest News & Publications

We’re invested in research, advocacy and industry trends. Blinc publications division works hard to inform our audiences on the latest and most relevant topics in vaping and cannabis.

25% increase in tariffs

Tariffs: Trump’s Trade War Will Stifle the Cannabis Industry

These proposed tariffs increases will do great harm to American businesses, medical marijuana patients, and adult use consumers while doing nothing to empower American companies to manufacture these products themselves.

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Exclusive Distributor in Florida

The Blinc Group enters into exclusive distribution agreement with Headies for Florida

The Blinc Group today announced that its customer in the vaping distribution industry, Headies Smoke Shops, has signed an agreement with Puffmen, to be the exclusive distributor in the State of Florida for its nicotine and cannabis vaping portfolio.

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Arnaud Dumas de Rauly

The Blinc Group announces appointment of Arnaud Dumas de Rauly as Chair of ISO/TC126/SC3 and CEN/TC437

The Blinc Group, a distribution-centric incubator/accelerator of vapor technologies announces that its Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, has been appointed as Chair of the ISO/TC126/SC3 as well as Chair of the CEN/TC437 vapor product standards committees.

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