Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cannabis

Almost ten years ago, bitcoin fueled the dark web, where illegal drugs and illicit goods were sold on the Silk Road black market. Today, blockchain technology could bring much needed transparency, legitimacy, and security to the legal cannabis industry. Here’s how:  Read more

Cannabis Vaping is on the Rise

Portable cannabis vaporizers are revolutionizing the cannabis consumption experience. Thanks to their greater ease of use, convenience, and health benefits they are driving veteran and new cannabis consumers towards growth in vape adoption. Read more

Big Tobacco Eyes the Lucrative Cannabis Industry

While their industry remains illegal on a federal level, many marijuana growers and retailers fear something completely different: Big Tobacco. Large tobacco companies have garnered expertise in lobbying, marketing, and manufacturing that have huge implications for competition within the cannabis industry. With estimated total revenue of $45B Cannabis sales are above both wine and chocolate consumption. Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, Ken Shea spoke of this as “an extremely compelling opportunity for the tobacco companies to look at closely.” Read more

Colorado Credit Union Goes National to Solve Cannabis Banking Problem

Due to the federal government’s stance on cannabis (schedule I drug), most cannabis business owners operate without access to traditional banking services. A Colorado-based credit union may have the solution. They have created software that allows for secure cannabis banking and are creating a network of financial institutions that are looking to cash in on cannabis banking. Read more