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Dream Canna-Diner: *Cultured* Create & destroy

The French-Californian Cannabis producer Botafarm Genetics is now the co-organiser of superb Cannabis Diners called "Cultured : Create and Destroy". In the straight line of the Famous show Bong Appetit on Vice Tv Channel, the producers among who famous chief Nate Santana have just produces a Canna-Diner such as the world has rarely seen. Bottom of the page, the incredible dessert receives our 'EPIC' vote. We are welcoming J from BOtafarm for The Blinc Group.

* * *

Just hearing the name of the place where it happens, you will probably be in the clouds too, Venice Beach, Los Angeles California. It's a meeting between two taste experts J Botafarm, the farmer and Nate the head of the Wallace Culver city. As soon as they met the idea of infused meals sprouted. After finding a place they worked on the menu. You are about to enter another world, take these pretty ice cubes with a leaf of Cannabis in it. Do you know how they are obtained? By laser cutting.

When gastronomy becomes a playground, Bon Cannapetit.

The goal: to get away from old recipes like bhang butter from Marrakech and brownies ... etc. So here we work from the distillate, it is the purest concentrate that can be obtained from fractional distillation. That is to say that all the components are separated .. on one side cannabinoids, on the other terpenes, waxes and chlorophyll. It is neither more nor less a distillation by means of a kind of big still a little specific which separates the components. Like this one.

Here is the kind of still from which we get the famous distillate of Cannabis to cook it.


You can cook very easily with this product because it has no flavor ... the uniform taste of greenery, this aftertaste of spinach disappears completely. Then it is possible to include the terpenes on demand for the desired taste. Thus it was possible for us to make oysters at Jack Herrer during this last meal. For the terpenes the secret of course is the dosage, the palace tells you right away if you are on the right track.

"Before last dish, in general we use rather olive oil infused with CBD to compensate a little the effect of THC and prolong the meal experience with happiness for everyone.In general with cannabinoids on talk about micro dosing at home, no question of ending up on the couch or even in the middle of a meal, it's a gustatory and sensual culinary experience, not some kind of get-high contest."

Canna-Cigars prepared by Botafarm. These are Cannabis flowers in leaves, all dried around a stick and held by this cord. An object that is very interesting and fascinating, isn't it?

"Anyway, the guests receive a vape-pen Botafarm with the same distillate as the one in the kitchen when they arrive and a big Canna Cigar awaits them at the end of the meal for the amateurs. relax and learn to discover a whole cultural dimension and I would go so far as to say artistic, Cannabis of very high standing."

#Choice of varieties and marriage of the flavors

"The chef Nate Santana chooses the varieties, I remember a blueberry muffin pheasant stew that had completely upset the dish, the fruity flavors of the plant can also completely transform.On my side I harmonize vape-pens as a result, the vanilla lemon notes of the vapers also crown this terpene aestheticism. I believe that Nate and I respectively have a certain sense of elegance of taste each in his specialty and that's why we get along so well." J from Botafarm

Starter: Oysters Kumamoto fermented hot sauce, infused by Botafarm with 2 mg Jack Herer Terpenes Cannabinoids

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* * *

1st course Squash 'acorn' pomegranate and OG kush pistachio, served with Mexican cotija cheese and candied sunflower seeds.


[gallery columns="2" size="medium" link="file" ids="1832,1818,1831,1826"]

* * *

Second course: Tostada beef tartare, grilled tomato puree, gummy egg yolk, lime cream, herbs. All sprinkled with Cannabis flowers of the Mimosa variety from Botafarm 

Cultured Create & Destroy, Ryan Tanaka 2018

* * *

Pork loin 'al pastor' with grilled tomatillo pesto, escabeche, dehydrated pineapple, sprinkled with Botafarm blueberry muffin cannabis flowers 

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* * *

The sweet sensation: "Sweet Mary Jane" Prepared secretly in a room away from the eyes of the guests. Served in music with the song "Mary Jane" Rick James. Mascarpone, almond paste biscuit, candied cherries, fresh cherries, white chocolate caramel salted butter jar. An incredible dessert, noisily acclaimed by the guests

[gallery size="medium" link="file" ids="1814,1813,1811"]

* * *


Cocktail # 1: 'old fashioned' with bourbon infused with cocoa beans. Served with strawberry banana terpenes pipette - This cocktail contains only half a dose of alcohol or 2 ml is served with a drop of CBD oil. The laser engraved ice cubes are the work of the specialized US company WestCoast Ice Pro.

[gallery size="medium" columns="2" ids="1824,1840"]

Cocktail # 2: Margarita agua fresca of guava with mezcal, a light and original mix, small drop of CBD included

[gallery columns="2" size="large" link="file" ids="1817,1819"]

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