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Investment Funds in Cannabis

Finding funding can be a difficult part of any new venture, but as the cannabis market remains controversial, it can be especially difficult for founders to secure the necessary funding for their cannabis startups. Luckily, as the legal cannabis industry continues to grow, so too have the niche investment opportunities and corresponding investment funds. A multitude of investment groups have emerged that have portfolios for cannabis ancillary companies, direct cannabis products, or even cannabis investment firms that fully specialize in cannabis sector funding. There are new opportunities for those to receiving funding for their cannabis venture. Below we have outlined 10 of the top players in cannabis cash.

ArcView Group

ArcView is the biggest cannabis-focused venture capital network. They have helped develop the legal cannabis industry by investing over $125,000,000 in over 150 different companies. This Cannabis Private investment firm consists of over 625 accredited investor members and a dedicated staff. Their CEO, Troy Dayton was a former top fundraiser at the Marijuana Policy Project where he now sits on the board. Dayton additionally is a founding board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association. He also co-founded the Students for Sensible Drug Policy (now on over 300 campuses). ArcView also runs, ArcView Market Research, which provides insights on the growing industry. It is the top cited cannabis market research and creates the State of Legal Marijuana Markets report, which is the most oft-cited market data report.

Privateer Holdings

The private equity firm has a portfolio of cannabis brands which it has acquired, invested in, or assisted through incubation. Their team consists of PhDs, former law enforcement professionals and Ivy League MBAs. This firm is another large and legitimate organization, backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and was the first firm to cross the $100 M fundraising mark. In their portfolio, they have brands like Leafly, Marley Natural, and Tilray.

Dutchess Capital

They are the manager of several global investment funds and are a principal investor for the legalized cannabis sector that provides funding to startups, companies before their public offerings, as well as public organizations. They are a global investment firm that works in and outside of the cannabis industry. They have offices in the U.S., UK, Asia, and Latin America. Since 2012, Dutchess has been a principal investor as well as an activist within the legalized cannabis sector.

Casa Verde Capital

Calvin Broadus (Snoop Dogg)’s cannabis investment first which has raised over $25 million to invest in cannabis startups. They team also consists of managing partner Karen Wadhera. Wadhera is a financial professional with international experience serving as a senior executive with Goldman Sachs and is an active investor in young companies.

Tress Capital

Based out of New York, Tress Capital is a Cannabis Private Equity Fund and management firm exclusively focused on the cannabis industry. Tress Capital’s fund is set up with SS&C Technologies Holdings which has over $1 Trillion in custody. They are dominantly known for their network and infrastructure. Tress Capital’s portfolio consists of various labs, real estate, and cannabis tech companies that provide ancillary solutions to the cannabis industry. Notable investments include Baker Technologies, Headset, and SC Labs. Their investments range from $500K to $10 million.

Salveo Capital

This Chicago based firm is Cannabis-focused Private Equity Fund founded by Alex Thiersch and John Dohm. The co-founders also founded Salveo Health and Wellness, an Illinois licensed medical cannabis dispensary. Their team has an array of experience developing companies from the ground up, a PhD agriculturist, and Wall Street professionals. In 2016, they declared a $25 million offering but according to the SEC, they only have garnered $1.69 million.

Green Growth Investments

This firm focuses on finding investment opportunities within the cannabis sector and offering them to individuals and entities. They focus on the agriculture, wholesale, and insurance sectors of the cannabis industry. Green Growth has also made investments in ancillary services like technology, media, and transaction platforms. They currently have offices in various states where cannabis is legal for recreational or medical use ranging from Alaska to California. They are a long time player, having been around since 1985.

Cannabis Capital

This firm is a private investment and cannabis consulting group. Their main unique feature is that they provide an investor portal for cannabis industry investment opportunities that they use in conjunction with their other services. Cannabis Capital also engages in research, acquisitions, and investment consultations.

Emerald Ocean

Emerald Ocean works to legitimize the cannabis sector by creating and acquiring cannabis brands. Their focus is on finding professional organizations and consolidating them. They also intend to support DC-based lobbying and the creation of PACs advocating for the end of federally cannabis prohibition.

HALLEY Venture Partners

Halley VPs is a California based VC firm that invests in the legal cannabis industry and offers a pooled investment fund to investors. They are a relatively new firm being founded in just 2017. Steve Schuman who has over 15 years of investment experience directs Halley VPs. Mr. Schuman has worked at Prudential and Passport Capital, a multi-billion dollar investment firm.

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