Published on July 10, 2018 By Arnaud Dumas de Rauly

The Blinc Group announces the X-Pro Series ™ by Ultraflo ™


The most versatile & consistent vape cartridges

07/10/2018- New York, NY - The Blinc Group announces the launch of the X-Pro Series - a revolutionary new heating element that heats only the oil you’re vaping at the moment thus keeping its quality and flavor consistent down to the last drop.

The Ultraflo X-Pro Series™ cartridges, powered by a patent-pending technology, are by design – the most consistent and versatile on the market. While 99.9% of cartridges use a vertical coil system which degrades your oil by constant reheating of the entire contents of the cart, the X-Pro Series™ unique gravity fed bottom heating chamber only heats the oil you’re vaping at the moment, thus retaining the flavoring and terpenes of the remaining oil for the most consistent vaping experience.

In addition, the X-Pro Series™ practically eliminates the guessing game of “intake hole size”; by eliminating the vertical post coil and using gravity to feed the bottom ceramic heating chamber – the X-Pro Series™ deliver a consistent experience with almost any oil viscosity.

“The X-Pro Series is the fruit of collaboration between The Blinc Group and Itsuwa Electron Co. Ltd. represents a major shift with regards to the consistency of the vaping experience. Keeping in mind future regulation and compliance, our teams have redefined standards by putting the X-Pro Series through a robust set of testing which includes heavy metal emissions and thermal degradation ” says Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Co-CEO of The Blinc Group.

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About The Blinc Group
The Blinc Group is the first of its kind platform for developing and distributing cutting-edge technologies in vaping and ancillary cannabis products. The Blinc Group Incubator Program is an exclusive platform that helps the members develop, research, develop and brand the best technology in cannabis and nicotine vaping space. With our proprietary distribution platform, Puffmen, The Blinc Group is building a world-class platform for distribution of unique and exclusive products that come out of the Incubator Program as well as innovative in-house products and from our trusted partners. &

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A few words from industry leaders

Quality control and compliance were our most important factors for choosing a hardware designer, producer and supplier. Blinc was chosen over others considered based on their reputation and experience for these key factors.
A team of rockstars across the board, from brand realignment to product development to training and support - big thank you!!!
The integrity of that medicine starts with the hardware that is used to deliver it and we knew that partnering with the Blinc Group was the best way to provide that kind of quality and reliability to our patients.
Working with Blinc Group was a completely seamless experience. Our team is very particular and detail-oriented, but Blinc was able to walk us through all our questions and queries to create a product we are stoked about.
The Blinc Group's unmatched customer service and supply chain diligence give us the peace of mind needed to provide our patients and customers with a quality product.
You guys are the best! Keep up the great work! We look forward to working more with Blinc as our hardware partner!
We could not be happier with our choice to work with The Blinc Group, and look forward to continue innovating with them in the future.
The alignment between our two companies is fantastic. Blinc takes safety and quality as seriously as we do, and the outcome of the working relationship has both teams excited...
The Blinc Group produces high quality products and provides great, attentive, and friendly customer service. We especially appreciate their documented attention to testing and compliance.
Fume Labs and the Blinc Group are incredible partners and we’re very fortunate to be working with them on our first product.