China allows the cultivation of Therapeutic Cannabis

Our sources in China have revealed that the Chinese government has just allowed three daughter companies of the pharmaceutical group Zhejiang Kangenbei from the Yunnan province to cultivate Cannabis for therapeutic use. They will be producing CBD from low THC plant varieties. This is an exclusive story from our partner in Europe, France Le Cannabiste.

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Ultraflo X5

Why are cotton wicks dangerous when vaping Cannabis?

Cannabis flower sales have been steadily decreasing in favor of the extract market, which has been thriving for the past couple of years. Widely used vaping cartridges/atomizers are mostly comprised of either cotton wicks or ceramic wicks. This paper will explain the dangerous aspects of using the former.

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Low-dose cannabis

The value of Low-Dose Cannabis

When many cannabis cultivators tried breeding high-THC strains since the early 1980s in search of that ultimate Cheech and Chong-inspired high, they ultimately bred plants that had THC percentages as high as 30% while breeding out a cannabinoid that we have only just recently come to see for its value: CBD.

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The Effect of Cannabis on Your Vision

If you ask frequent users of Cannabis about the way they feel after using marijuana, most of them will express how much this plant represents a source of wellbeing and comfort to them. And yet, we all know that the effect of cannabis on the human body is much more complex than that. In this post, we explore the science and research behind the effects of cannabis on human vision.  Read more

7 Questions to Raphael Mechoulam

Raphael Mechoulam is not a breeder or a seedbank owner, Mechoulam is not either a grower, a businessman or Cannabis advocate, as a matter of fact, the professor does not even use the Cannabis plant himself. Raphael Mechoulam is the scientist who discovered THC, the CBD molecule and the very existence of the Endocannabinoid system. Mechoulam has been studying Hashish and Cannabis flowers in an Israeli lab with a team of scientists over the last 54 years.

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A tour in Expogrow: – Part 2 –

As we passed around spectacular booths with live plants, incredible light designs, or even the classical booth babes… we were attracted by the smell of a particular cheese smell, strange accents and accordeons: We found the French Corner.

So we stopped-by and met with the French Cannabusiness guys,  Victor French Touch Seeds was the first one of them.

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A tour in Expogrow – Part 1-

There are not so many opportunities for the Cannabis aficionados to gather in peaceful and exciting fairs in Europe. Expogrow 2017 is featuring live stage music bands and Dj’s, there’s a video games truck, conferences and discussion forums, artistic performances, lots of entertainment this year in particular. But what’s the story behind Expogrow? Is there some kind of recipe for the success of such event?

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Hottest Sectors in Cannabis Technology

A First Spanish company allowed to grow Medical Cannabis

A Spanish company called Phytoplant Research S.L. has received the oficial licence from the agricultural international authority : GLOBALG.A.P in order to produce full spectrum Cannabis on the Spanish ground.

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