Dream Canna-Diner: *Cultured* Create & destroy

The French-Californian Cannabis producer Botafarm Genetics is now the co-organiser of superb Cannabis Diners called “Cultured : Create and Destroy”. In the straight line of the Famous show Bong Appetit on Vice Tv Channel, the producers among who famous chief Nate Santana have just produces a Canna-Diner such as the world has rarely seen. Bottom of the page, the incredible dessert receives our ‘EPIC’ vote. We are welcoming Julien from BOtafarm for The Blinc Group.

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Exclusive Interview with NGAIO Bealum Cooking On High/Netflix

Over the last weeks a new Cannabis-cooking phenomenon is rolling in over the Netflix screens, cheered by an overall happy audience. To be completely honest, we’ve really enjoyed watching it at Le Cannabiste.

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Low-dose cannabis

The value of Low-Dose Cannabis

When many cannabis cultivators tried breeding high-THC strains since the early 1980s in search of that ultimate Cheech and Chong-inspired high, they ultimately bred plants that had THC percentages as high as 30% while breeding out a cannabinoid that we have only just recently come to see for its value: CBD.

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Legal Marijuana Lounges Are Coming to America

Marijuana is a social drug, so its only natural that marijuana lounges and social clubs are appealing to people. In some states, marijuana lounges are needed because visitors who legally purchase recreational cannabis may not have a legal place to consume it

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A tour in Expogrow: – Part 2 –

As we passed around spectacular booths with live plants, incredible light designs, or even the classical booth babes… we were attracted by the smell of a particular cheese smell, strange accents and accordeons: We found the French Corner.

So we stopped-by and met with the French Cannabusiness guys,  Victor French Touch Seeds was the first one of them.

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A tour in Expogrow – Part 1-

There are not so many opportunities for the Cannabis aficionados to gather in peaceful and exciting fairs in Europe. Expogrow 2017 is featuring live stage music bands and Dj’s, there’s a video games truck, conferences and discussion forums, artistic performances, lots of entertainment this year in particular. But what’s the story behind Expogrow? Is there some kind of recipe for the success of such event?

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Jean-Pierre Galland: A life of Resistance

Every country has a pioneer among its Cannabis activists; the one who first could see the light, while the fog of ignorance was still blurring the vision of the many. In the old country that first man’s name is Jean-Pierre Galland: Journalist, writer, advocate and active protester in favor of Cannabis in France.

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French Folders #1: Is France Stuck with Cannabis Prohibition?

The fact is that Cannabis use has been popular throughout French history. Cannabis was brought to France by a doctor called Jacques Joseph Moreau de Tours who made it popular in high society. This is how France came to be the cradle of the ‘club des hashischins’ back in the 1800’s.

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Why Disjointed won t make you forget weeds?

Why Disjointed won’t make you forget weeds?

This review compares Weeds and Disjointed because they both use cannabis as a central element and therefore may appeal to a similar audience.

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History of Cannabis Names

Cannabis strain names : The good the bad and the ugly

The Cannabis plant is a powerful medicine and a source of pleasure and spirituality for many civilizations around the world. It has been a valuable resource for humanity well before the time when we gave up our hunter-gatherer lifestyle and settling down in agricultural settlements.

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