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Our clients benefit from first in class US based full cycle product development, manufacturing, QC and compliance consulting built specifically for the cannabis industry

As a product category - vape is a key focal point of cannabis enterprises with long term vision

Vaping and concentrates is the fastest growing product category in cannabis, second only to flower. How does your brand capitalize on this trend?

Cannabis concentrates are expected to hit sales of $2.9 billion in 2018, up 49 percent year over year. That would make the concentrate market the second largest, behind only flower, according to the report.  By 2022, concentrate sales are expected to nearly surpass flower sales in terms of size, at $8.4 billion, compared to $8.5 billion for flower sales.
Source: A 2018 report by BDS Analytics

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Cannabis Enterprises face substantial safety, quality and regulatory risks when selecting a vape manufacturing partner


Fact is 99% of all vape hardware is made in China. When dealing with China, a lack of consistent Quality Control infrastructure, logistics planning and trusted, consistent partners becomes a crippling business problem.


Fact is 99% of all vape hardware is made in China. When dealing with China, a lack of consistent Quality Control infrastructure, logistics planning and trusted, consistent partners becomes a crippling business problem.


The expense and time investment of hiring or sourcing top experts in consumption technology, including product development, QC and risk mitigation such as potential supply chain disruptions and product failures.

Take advantage of our full cycle solution


Blinc | Enterprise Solutions

A team with over 10 years experience in vapor technology innovation, design, brand strategy, manufacturing, QC & regulatory compliance

The Blinc Group Company was founded by a team of vape and product development experts with well over a decade of experience. We came together as we saw a lack of solutions for innovation, manufacturing and distribution of safe, consistent and unique vaping products. We develop our products in partnership with a handful of ISO and cGMP Certified manufacturers – four out of over 600 to be exact. Our clients have unprecedented access to first in class R&D, branding, production and quality control of new and unique cannabis consumption technologies.

We minimize your risks & resolve business challenges


Our China-based Quality Control control team works with our manufacturers to address and quality issues with your vaping products through pre-production inspections (IPC), during production inspections (DuPro) and product monitoring inspections (PM). The reports are sent within 24h to our customers. No product is shipped without full approval.


The Blinc Group is in the process of becoming the only vaporizer distributor in the world that is ISO9001 certified. We work exclusively with ISO and GMP certified manufacturers and have 10+ years of in depth experience in vaping product R&D, manufacturing and distribution which enables us to stay ahead of any compliance or regulatory concerns.


The Blinc Group provides an industry-first contractual warranty as well as certifications and reports (like heavy metal testing) for both standard and custom developed products. Our clients avoid the uncertainties of working with Chinese manufactures, by utilizing our proprietary Chinese and US teams and unparalleled network of resources.

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Blinc Enterprise Solutions effectively optimizes all processes from R&D to Manufacturing to Quality Control, providing you with maximum efficiency and security at every stage

Research & Development

With over 10 years experience in vape space, our team has the resources and proven process to developing unique vaping devices to ensure a remarkable end user experience

Quality Control & Reporting

Our proprietary China based team keeps a close eye on the entire process from sourcing to manufacturing to assembly and reports on the entire process to our clients

Brand Strategy & Design

Our in-house brand strategy team works closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is properly communicated across all touch points from digital to point of sale

Component Design & Sourcing

A significant portion of device manufacturing cost and its proper function is rooted in component design and sourcing, which is a process our on the ground team controls from top to bottom.

Testing & Analysis

We work closely with our clients to ensure the best fit between product and technology in order to consistently delivery the most remarkable end user experience that our clients and their customers expect.

Packaging & Finishing

To ensure a well rounded brand experience we provide our clients with premium packaging and finishing solution in United States without the high cost and delays usually associated with this process.

ISO & GMP Certified Manufacturing

We’ve worked with over 300 manufacturers over the past 10+ years and have selected only a handful of ISO and GMP certified facilities as Blinc contractual partners to manufacture our clients’ devices

Shipping & Logistics

We work closely with vetted partners in China, who are in constant communications with our Chinese office to ensure uninterrupted operations - on time, on budget - at all times.

Marketing & Distribution

The Blinc Group’s distribution brand Puffmen, helps our clients speed up adoption through proven communications strategies and established networks - across B2B and B2C segments in United States.


We don’t just deliver the leading vape tech, we resolve business challenges and enable our clients to scale rapidly with minimized risk

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Don’t take our word for it, here’s what today’s segment leaders are saying

“Blinc has been very beneficial in helping us develop our next generation product. Whether it was sourcing the right materials, finding the best partners, or helping out with communication and manufacturing process, they were very valuable in making sure that everything ran smoothly ”

Seibo Shen

Founder & CEO, Vapexhale
“Working with the Blinc Group for almost a year and our experience has beenconsistently positive. Blinc was instrumental in helping us dial in the right hardware for our product and provided support in establishing distribution channels. When it comes to top-of-the-line, reliable hardware and expert support - Blinc is your top option!”

Oleg MaryAces

Co-Founder, LK Remedies
"It’s not everyday that you meet people who have a genuine interest in helping others achieve success. This is what initially attracted us to the Blinc Group. The knowledge and passion possessed by this team is what sets them apart. Blinc has given us a unique advantage in providing mentorship and guidance along with a growing business relationship."

Joshua Jenkins

CEO - Loyal Penguin

We work with vetted ISO & GMP compliant manufacturers and have on the ground teams executing our proprietary sourcing, QC & reporting process.


Ask about our China Factory tour guided by the Chairman of ISO Standards Committee

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